The Eighties were a time of radical changes. In the aftermath of the punk revolution, daring New Romantics embraced developing sounds and technologies to transform the music industry forever. Electro 80’s pay tribute to this era, with a lovingly recreated live show that is certain to transport everyone back to the dawn of New Wave and beyond.

Electro 80's 1980's Tribute Band


Blue Electro - with Electro Glasses on


Electro 80’s (Also Known As: E80) are a 1980’s Electronica Tribute band from the North West of England. Playing live shows all over the country from Glasgow to London, they are steadily building a large following of dedicated fans. The three core members Red, Green & Blue are named after the primary colours commonly associated with Electronics (RGB). Blue is the lead vocalist / frontman, Green is the second vocalist / guitarist / keyboard player and Red is the main keyboard player / backing vocalist.

Electro 80’s formed after all three core members became disillusioned with the “traditional” cabaret club scene. “Red”, “Green” and “Blue” had all been active on the circuit in various other bands and decided it was time to pay tribute to the music they had grown up listening to and loved.


It was decided early on that the new band would focus on what some consider being the “more serious” side of the eighties and avoid some of the musical moments most of us (and the decade) would rather forget. With this in mind, the band would become an electronica tribute and attempt to recreate some of the classic moments from the early eighties, songs from bands like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Ultravox, Devo, Soft Cell and The Human League. Attention to detail would be the order of the day and what would eventually set Electro 80’s apart from the crowd. The band realised that people wanting a nostalgic live entertainment show, would want to hear perfect recreations of eighties classics and not a particular band’s “interpretation” of them. With this in mind, painstaking work began on recreating each individual sound used on every track featured in the set, a process that would take almost twelve months! Each sound was compared to the original again and again, before being unanimously accepted by the band for inclusion to the set.

Next up was the lights; a process we foolishly thought would take a couple of weeks, but ended up taking several months. Each scene was carefully programmed to be in perfect synchronisation with the dynamics of the live sound, highlighting the different atmospheres and mood of the performance. All in all, programming the lights / digital mixing desk and actually rehearsing the material took almost six months.


With a very strong fanbase, social media following, this website having over 2.5 million hits and the band performing in venues like Parr Hall, Porthcawl Pavilion and Sheffield O2 Academy, Electro 80’s are going from strength to strength. With plans for a third CD release and even an original album in the pipeline, the future looks Red, Green and Blue (with more than a hint of Chrome). There’s a strong group of people behind Electro 80’s, a team dedicated to maintaining the fact that, although they are often imitated, they will remain the UK’s (if not Europe’s) premier 80’s electronica tribute band for a very long time to come.


Electro 80’s consists of the three primary musicians (colours) Red, Green and Blue who are joined on-stage by the incredible robotic dance moves of Man O Chrome. The following profiles give a brief overview of each of the band members.


Red Electro

Red is the Main Keyboard Player in Electro 80’s. Live he will usually be responsible for the main musical hooks (occasionally these will also come from Blue when he is not performing lead vocals) and controls the live sound during the performance.

Red originates from St. Helens, Merseyside. Career highlights so far include supporting Visage,Blancmange, playing keyboards for Steve Strange live, performing at the New Romantic Festival with China Crisis and Heaven 17 at The Steve Strange Memorial Post Christmas Party.

Red’s live set-up consists of: Roland V-Synth GT and Access Virus Ti2


Green Electro

Green is E80’s multi-role Vocalist, Guitarist and Keyboard player. Originally from Merseyside he has been a professional musician for over twenty five years, with bands like “Pure Gold” and later with Blue in “Some Respect”.

Green has come to appreciate the wonders of early 80’s electronica after an upbringing of punk and guitar based bands and is now a keen advocate of the movement. Career highlights for Green so far include supporting Blancmange,Visage, playing guitar for Steve Strange live, performing at the New Romantic Festival with China Crisis and Heaven 17 at The Steve Strange Memorial Post Christmas Party.

His live set-up consists of: Korg DW8000, Yamaha SY85, Jackson Guitar and Boss ME50 Effects.


Blue Electro - Lead Vocalist

Born in Baillieston, Glasgow. Blue achieved critical acclaim himself in the late 80’s with “Some Respect”. A self confessed Synth and Electronica obsessive, he is probably capable of recreating any Gary Numan track entirely from memory!

Blue is a perfectionist and is always striving for his own and the band’s best performance, it is this attitude that has helped to drive the band constantly forward. He is the main vocalist in Electro 80’s and also an accomplished keyboard player,

Career highlights so far include supporting Visage, Blancmange, dueting with Steve Strange, performing at the New Romantic Festival with China Crisis and Heaven 17 and The Steve Strange Memorial Post Christmas Party.

Blue’s live set-up on stage consists of: Roland JP8000 and Access Virus Ti2 Polar.


Man O'Chrome - Robot

Now in his 3rd incarnation, Man O’Chrome is Electro 80’s own resident Robotic Dancer and one of the most popular aspects of the band’s live performances. Mano is a signature visual element of Electro 80’s

Taking over from (the now retired) Mr Black, Man O’Chrome has been amazing audiences all over the country with his robotic movements. His ability to stand completely still for unbelievably long periods of time has left many an audience member believing him to be a mannequin – some have quite literally screamed when he has finally moved.