Electro 80’s really pulled something special out of the bag for their spectacular return to The Box on 28th September 2013. Not only did the band’s performance feature a special guest appearance from none other than Visage Frontman Steve Strange, but they also performed an outstanding duet with the 80’s icon with Visage’s classic New Romantic anthem ‘Fade to Grey’

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The third performance with the GodFather of New Romanticism will certainly go down in history (if not just with the band) as the most memorable of all after the exclusive collaborative performance.

“Myself and White (Electro) had the pleasure of performing with Steve during his own set, but nothing could prepare me for the way I would feel when Steve jumped on stage with Electro 80’s and performed our version of Fade to Grey with us.

It was quite emotional. To set off almost 10 years ago now, paying tribute to artists like Steve… to what they created back then – to get to a point in your career where the original artist is more than happy to jump on stage with you and perform their most well-known song! It’s not something that you can easily explain.

To listen to that song growing up – wanting to play synths… to working on Electro 80’s version of the song… to performing it infront of an amazing crowd with the original artist! Wow. That is an unforgettable moment for me. Nothing will top that.”

The performance was an added bonus for the hundreds of dedicated fans that attended the special event, who had already enjoyed an half hour set from the Visage singer backed by our very own Red, White and with backing vocals flawlessly performed by the talented Miss Sarah Davenport.