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    Buy both Souvenir & Neon Shadows together and save £'s!
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    The second album from the UK's Premier 1980's Electronica Tribute Band. Featuring some of the darker moments of the 1980's. Songs originally from Numan, Foxx, Human League and more set the scene for a journey back to the more serious side of electronica.
    The attention to detail has to be heard to be believed on this stunning 2nd release. Full Track Listing: Metal Being Boiled Maid of Orleans Cars Underpass Wishing I Die You Die Sound OfThe Crowd Electricity Are Friends Electric? Opportunities
  • Electro 80's CD, New Romantic, Electronica
    The band's first album, now only available as the special edition with extra tracks and Electro 80's original composition; "We Are Electro" Full Track Listing: Doctor Doctor People Are People Love Action The Model Only You Fade To Grey Souvenir New Life Whip It Mad World Hungry Like The Wolf Vienna Never Never (Bonus Track) Sleepwalk (Bonus Track) We Are Electro (Original Version)
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  • Electro 80's Live at The Box - Crewe DVD
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    "Electro 80's live at The Box" is the band's first ever DVD release. Filmed at The Box, Crewe in February 2011, this broadcast quality recording captures the atmosphere of the live event and is a perfect gift for anyone who couldn't make the gig itself or as a memento for audience members who were lucky enough to be there. The DVD has interactive menus and tons of extras. The running order of the hour long concert is as follows: Cars Souvenir Fade to Grey Only You Electricity New Song The Model Underpass The Sun always shines on TV Hungry like the Wolf Enola Gay Are Friends Electric? Whip It! Extras Include: Behind the Scenes - Video Blog Special Neon Shadows Promotional Video Souvenir Promotional Video Electro 80's live at The Box Official Trailer   Behind the Scenes feature may contain some moderate language.
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    This quality, 11oz ceramic mug will bring a touch of panache to your morning cuppa! Featuring the distinctive 'E-Key' logo, that made it's first appearance on the band's Neon Shadows album, the cup is both stylish and elegant. This special edition mug is available for a limited period only and is sure to become a collector's item in time.